Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm free~~~

I get fired !!!! jk~~
I just quited my job last Saturday ~~~
My mum said I'm a lazy cat,
But actually i'm lazy like a snake only;)
I starting packing up my things~
All my old stuff was like (・・?)*ermmmm when did it bought this?* lol Damn regret! Why i waste that much of money buy those unnecessary ~_| ̄|○
Money please come back to me!!
Ok! Change topic~
I hope that my Aunties will move at the end of Jun.
I want my own world~~~~
But things never happen as you think or want~
The anene*renter of my aunties house* fail to move at May, and want to rent one more one month! Kns!!!!
Anene! Give my own world back (ToT)/~~
Once again ~ I'm lazy to type again~
Haha sorry ~
My boss, had gave a Japan melon to my Aunty Bee Lee*I got many aunties and cousin sisters * and she couldn't finish it all, she only want a quarter is it! OMG it's smells damn good! Sweet like wth! You may think it's a sweet not a fruit lol~
Btw , the cheetah is my pencil box
Photo time>>

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Last two post I already said that I'm start working right? I think for me, it's good! Somehow you can know yourself better~ for me, I'm not that kind of office girl who can sit on that chair from morning 9.00am to 6.00pm Σ(゚д゚lll)I'm a monkey;) I love to "jump" here and "jump" there. Muahahahahaha( *`ω´) and
I realize that my working speed is like a turtle... _| ̄|○it's quite shocking for me ~ But the most shocking is~ within one month I have eight workmates already resign!!! Wth~whatever lah it's their choice what, I can't change anything~ I'm just a tiny little person in the office;)
Anyway~~~~ just stop talking about work~ private time now ~~~ recently I crazy craving for cat~ especially black cat ( ̄▽ ̄) i went to almost everywhere i know to find a cup which have a black cat on it. Rounie keep "nagging" me about it~ haha for me its nagging but the truth is... You may check the dialog below~
Me: I want to find a cup which have a black cat on it~
Rounie: I saw it before at Sunway Pyramid, Daisho
Few days later~
Me: you lied me! I went to Daisho also couldn't find it, I'm like a mad keep on "theasure hunting" at the kitchen utensils area. When you saw it?
Rounie: few months ago~
Me: *%#€+*%# niaseng
Rounie: You're too specific for the cup lah~
Me: Where got! I just want a cup which have a cat on it, and the cat must be black colour only what~
Rounie: that's already specific loh
Me: Where got ~~~Black cat cup arh~~~~
LOL eventually I bought a cat bowl
Maybe you think I'm weird enough to like a black cat~I'm weird what so what!? :P~~~
My dear Rounie I miss her so much, she flight to Japan, Gifu yesterday morning ;( no one will accompany me watch Gintama and laugh like those who escape from metal problem hospital... Nvm I will skype you whenever I'm free, I promise (`_´)ゞmuackssss  and my dear, Gintama had end already (T_T)  the most heart broken news I had heard of April eventhough April had just started for 3 days only. My beloved Gintama *sob sob*
Before Rounie flight to japan ~ she had cut her long hair until her shoulder, I almost raise my hands and legs up to agree about it~ Finally my hair had longer than her hohohohoho ~ 31 of March is the last day I hang out with Rounie~ that day was Earth hour day~ Starbucks was so kind :) during the Earth hour 8.30pm to 9.30pm, if we're using a smartphone to check-in at Starcbucks with a app which called Foursquare, they will free us a cup of frappacino!!! We get three cups of free drinks~ thanks to my iPhone 4 , thanks to Rounie's dad iPhone 4S and IPad 2~ and Thank You to Starbucks ;)))))
Btw, when Rounie and I was queuing up for the drinks, we realize a things ~ nowadays when we are ordering drinks at Starbucks, they will ask for your name and write it up to your cup~ as you know~ people loves free things right~ during Earth hour, there's tons of people queuing up. And some alias like Alice, Eric and etc is frequently used by us. Many people keep on mess up their drinks because of that! Rounie and I saw that happened with our own eyes~ an d both if us start talking nonsense ~ I said : " The employee should called the name like this, for example, I ordered the caramel latte ~ then they should call like this"Caramel Latte Louise" "Dark Mocha Rounie" *LOL*"
Then Rounie said: " No no no~ we should use special name like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, James Bond and more ~ then we won't confuse our drinks loh~" both of us laugh like shit =_=
The boy who queuing behind was keep on laughing about us~ \(//∇//)\

Monday, 19 March 2012


I never ever realise sunday is that lovely~ somehow when you're working from Monday to Saturday, you will realise Sunday is too short for you to rest~~~
Oh my lovely Sunday please become longer;(
Btw~ recently I'm thinking should I go to pre-u Japanese?

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Oh oh~ gonna start working tomorrow until the end of April ~~~ hmmm can't hang out frequently with my dears~~ I need to earn money for my Japan trip!!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pass few month~~~~

There's tons of things had happened to me~~~~ whether it's happy or unhappy~
Let's start with the unhappy things~~~my family bond with each other had become very weak~ you may ask why??it's because of a stranger, to me he's totally a stranger~ a friend to my Aunty~ as you know im live with my three aunties and my parents. All the detail I cannot write it out~ I don't want because of this post and become a big argument in my house again~ seriously, I don't like this!! I hate my family become like this~ and the most funny is why should my family become like this because of a stranger???? *sigh*
my Aunties decided want to move from our house~ and my dad had sold our house which near Batu 11~
Sigh~~~~~~~just stop all the negative thinking!!! Here comes the positive things ;)
I'm so glad that I have many good and kind cousin sisters;) *about 9 cousin sisters*
February , my cousin sister, Ting had flies to Taiwan for vacation, and she bought many souvenir to me~
And my another cousin sister,Rounie had also flight to Japan for her exam. Actually, she told me the exactly place but I forget about it already ~~~*I think I should having more walnuts to improve my brain*and her result is coming out tomorrow!!! I'm so excited !
Next, I'm very thankful that I have such a good friend, Karly. She's like my little sister~ she bought me dollywink eyelashs when she was at Macau!
Thank you my dear~~~
Another happy thing is~~~ wow!! There's someone is reading my blog!!! OMG i can't believe about it lol~ thank you~ thank you~ thank you for viewing my blog and reading a stupid girl like me who blog with her bad bad bad Vocabulary and grammer :)
Let's continue the all the happiness I'm having right now!
As all my friends know I'm single~ and every year when Christmas i was staying at home;( the most wonderful Christmas I had was N years ago when I'm visiting Singapore with parents.
This year, 2012 I gonna have a great Christmas!!!!
I'm going to Hokkaido, Japan this year ends!!!!! *screaming*
Finally I got my dream comes true! I'm going to Japan!!!!! Argh!!!!! XD I'm going to save my money up and spend it at Hokkaido! マリモ!!!here I come ~ marimo marimo marimo ~~~
Thank you!! Dad and mum ;)))
My eyelids is so heavy now=_=
Good night\(^o^)/

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Lol eventually gonna blog ~
11-11-11 HELP university prom night~
I attended with my gang of friends "Blacklisted"~
Our prom shirt is black~ we thought we gonna be the latest because of traffic jam but it's not~ other people also late due to the horrible traffic jam~
Erm lets the picture talk then...

Lol Edmund and Kerk Wai are waiting for the kitkat to be chilled

Mafia family ;)

Daphney and I

Green ghost~ have you ever seen a beautiful like us!? Joking

The first dish~ the others I didn't take~ because we are too hungry ahaha


Three "Tai"



Kian and I

What happened!?

Best dress for male> Thomas

Whazzup.. Lol

Vimesh and I

Jin Eng damn chok!

Beautiful prom queen ~

Miss Renee

All if us is trying to act lol
Thx for my dear Jessie who bought me a Starbucks mug;) thx
Thanks to the driver who fetch me back home~~~