Saturday, 19 November 2011


Lol eventually gonna blog ~
11-11-11 HELP university prom night~
I attended with my gang of friends "Blacklisted"~
Our prom shirt is black~ we thought we gonna be the latest because of traffic jam but it's not~ other people also late due to the horrible traffic jam~
Erm lets the picture talk then...

Lol Edmund and Kerk Wai are waiting for the kitkat to be chilled

Mafia family ;)

Daphney and I

Green ghost~ have you ever seen a beautiful like us!? Joking

The first dish~ the others I didn't take~ because we are too hungry ahaha


Three "Tai"



Kian and I

What happened!?

Best dress for male> Thomas

Whazzup.. Lol

Vimesh and I

Jin Eng damn chok!

Beautiful prom queen ~

Miss Renee

All if us is trying to act lol
Thx for my dear Jessie who bought me a Starbucks mug;) thx
Thanks to the driver who fetch me back home~~~

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